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Honest Intentions

Yesterday I took some time to set some honest intentions for the week. Sometimes(most of the time ) I get ahead of myself because I have sooooo many aspirations and dreams and goals (I could go on and on) that my mind is just constantly spinning.
ONE – I forget to plan. Planning is so crucial to taking steps in the right direction because it helps eliminate bouncing back and fourth between things without making any real progress.

TWO- I need to be better about sending the right message about W H A T woodsy is to me, and what it could be to you. I started this page for many reasons, but sometimes I get lost in one or the other and forget about the rest! See, mind is spinning!
And THREE its sooo important to take care of yourself, guys. I always talk about how I work 7 days a week, but sometimes its just too much. I’ve felt myself become short tempered when I can’t get a day off to decompress. So I went ahead and asked to work ever other Sunday, to start giving myself that break, and to make more time for my fam❤️

I want you to get to know me because I feel like so many people can relate! I feel like I could go on and on because I have so much passion inside me!! But I’ll save the rest for another day 🤐
Thanks for reading 😊

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