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Boulder pt. 1

Being back in the hustle and bustle of life after my trip to Colorado almost has me feeling like it never happened.  Being there was like a dream.  I only had one obligation on my 4.5 day mini vacation(to plant trees), and I didn’t plan out any of my free time.  If you ever want to wake up in the morning and not feel the pressure of having to do something, I highly  recommend doing what I just did.  Go somewhere that makes it impossible to work, and don’t make any plans.  Done.  No pressure. Byeeeeeee.

But on a serious note, that will probably work best if you end up at an all inclusive hotel on a beach.  Which I, as you may know, was not.

Being 24 years old and on a budget, I decided not to rent a car for one reason only, the price goes up significantly if you’re under 25.  Relying on the bus schedule to get me places meant that my time was actually planned out for me a little bit, unless I wanted to miss the bus. (which if you were following my stories on instagram while I was in Boulder, I did miss the bus quite a bit)  For my mothers sanity, I never mentioned where I was staying as she was quite worried that I was already announcing that I was traveling alone, and also where I was going.

So now in the comfort of my humble abode I can say that I stayed at the Boulder Adventure Lodge.  And what an adventure it was!  The lodge sits on Fourmile Canyon Rd, with Fourmile Creek running right through the property.  With budget in mind I booked one bed in their hostel style room. I know, if you’ve never stayed in a hostel before, never mind traveling alone, it can be scary.  With that said I actually felt comfortable there.  Everyone in my room was quite nice, each of us minding our own business for the most part.

Friday after I settled in, I went to the office for some recommendations for dinner.  Each encounter with the staff at the A-lodge was incredibly helpful, and everyone was so freakin nice!  From recommendations to giving me rides when I miss the bus,  they had no problem helping me out and I am so grateful for that! On my way to dinner I got on the wrong bus, which in one of my posts on insta I quote Bob Ross as a “happy accident” because even though it took an extra HOUR to get to dinner, I got to see this quaint town called Nederland.  It had just started snowing up there it was sooo picturesque. ~Would miss bus again.~

I don’t think I mentioned yet that when I got there it was raining.  And it was raining and snowing the next day(Saturday) too.  Saturday was supposed to be the day we planted tree’s, but because it was snowing in the canyon, they switched it to Sunday.  I was very thankful for this because I only brought one pair of shoes for it and they’re not meant for snow.  This left Saturday open for a little exploring in town, but first, let me miss the bus…

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Travel on a Budget

Traveling on a budget is soooo huge for me because I don’t have the luxury of PTO from either of my jobs.  For both LA and my upcoming trip to Colorado, I have done some strategic planning to keep my travel expenses at a minimum so I will be able to fully enjoy taking some time off without worrying.   So if your life looks anything like mine, (work 7days a week, no PTO, etc…) DON’T WORRY. It is possible to travel, just with some extra effort.  But it’s all worth it!  Only a few short months ago I started to realize it was possible to travel with the kind of lifestyle I currently have.  Beforehand I would always say no to anything that required a hotel, plane, or more than 2 days off from work.  Which by the way, was a total buzzkill for the people looking to travel with me!!

Here are a few tips for having a worry free travel experience:

  1. Try to find the cheapest flights available. This may seem obvious, but will require some flexibility in your travel dates. Finding the cheapest flight for the amount of days we were looking to stay in LA was what solidified the actual dates that we went.

(SIDE NOTE)  This reason is actually why I didn’t do a tree planting event in California for earth day!! There were many events to choose from, and I am dying to go back to Cali, but I picked the event that had the C H E A P E S T flight available. And I scored with Colorado.  I most likely will never spend over $300 for a round trip flight during this travel phase of mine.  That’s the top of my budget and I’m sticking to it!

  1. Pick up some extra shifts. For three weeks leading up to LA, including working the NIGHT BEFORE my flight took off at 7am the next morning, I asked to pick up some shifts from my second job.  The 3 shifts I picked up literally paid for the whole trip.  Maybe look into getting a side job as a waitress/waiter, or UBER, or anything that can help you put money towards a travel fund.
  2. Try to stay with someone you know in the area. The stars aligned for me on this one to make LA possible. Luckily for me, my friend I was traveling with wanted to visit her friend in LA, which meant we had a place to stay!  The fact that we had a place to stay for free was what really made our decision to go for it, because my budget only had room for the flights and food! (Don’t forget to factor in food.  You gotta eat!! BUT, if you don’t know anyone in the area, look into cheaper options.

For Colorado I am staying in a lodge that has one hostel style room.  This means that I will be sharing a living space with people I don’t know, which is scary since I haven’t done this before (ill report back after the trip on this) but I have friends who have stayed in hostels and they recommend it!  It could be a way to make friends during your stay too.

There are other resources out there too; you just gotta put in the time to ask a friend, or dig them out!

  1. Do some research on transportation once you land! I am 24, so car rental companies add at least another $100 to a car rental for my age, and that’s definitely out of my budget. (This almost stopped me from going! You have to be 25 for normal rates). So I looked into public transportation for the area, and BOOM! Back in budget!  Make sure you look into how far your hotel is from the airport, and from your planned activities. Maybe you can walk to your hotel, or maybe it’s an hour away from the airport.  Either way, make sure you check your options beforehand!

So guys, with the right planning, price checking and sticking to your budget, it is definitely possible to travel without money worries.  Even with a crazy life!!

Thanks for reading!  I’d love if you would share your travel experience in the comment, if you have any travel tips to share, or if you have any questions! Thanks!


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Honest Intentions

Yesterday I took some time to set some honest intentions for the week. Sometimes(most of the time ) I get ahead of myself because I have sooooo many aspirations and dreams and goals (I could go on and on) that my mind is just constantly spinning.
ONE – I forget to plan. Planning is so crucial to taking steps in the right direction because it helps eliminate bouncing back and fourth between things without making any real progress.

TWO- I need to be better about sending the right message about W H A T woodsy is to me, and what it could be to you. I started this page for many reasons, but sometimes I get lost in one or the other and forget about the rest! See, mind is spinning!
And THREE its sooo important to take care of yourself, guys. I always talk about how I work 7 days a week, but sometimes its just too much. I’ve felt myself become short tempered when I can’t get a day off to decompress. So I went ahead and asked to work ever other Sunday, to start giving myself that break, and to make more time for my fam❤️

I want you to get to know me because I feel like so many people can relate! I feel like I could go on and on because I have so much passion inside me!! But I’ll save the rest for another day 🤐
Thanks for reading 😊

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Lets Get Woodsy!

Simple question:

If there are no woods, how does one get woodsy?

Doesn’t make sense, right?

This is one reason Woodsy NE is joining the tree planting initiative that so many businesses already take part in.  Because you can’t get woodsy without any woods!

I am joining the local non-profit One Tree Planted to help them plant 1 MILLION trees in 2018.

They are looking for 500 businesses to raise $2,000 each to plant 1 million Trees.  Check out their website to see how $1 can plant 1 tree.

At Woodsy NE I am going to go one step further, so instead of one tree being planted for every purchase, we will plant one tree per ITEM purchased. This way we can reach our goal even sooner, and hopefully far surpass our goal!

Example:  5 item in your order = $5 donated = 5 trees planted

Each donation from your purchases will be recorded at the link above, and you will receive an e-mail when the donation has been made!

So, you may be wondering, why One Tree Planted?  And the answer is simple.  Although there are a few different non-profits just like this out there (i.e. 10Tree)

  • One Tree Planted is a local non-profit (local to New England) Based out of Shelburne Vermont.
  • They’re new! Just like Woodsy NE. And by working together we can help make the world a better place!

And my fave

  • All donations in 2018 will go to organizations that will help rebuild our scorched western America. Many people don’t realize the scale of the forest fire epidemic that is going on, and how much land has just been completely burned with many things lost include our oxygen creating trees!

You can find out more about the One Tree Planted Initiative at


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Life as I know it

Adulting is hard. And making the best of it can be hard! But the important part is trying, because you live and you learn. When you’re a 20 something, graduated college, have mountains of student loan debt (no pun intended) that has you working 7days a week just to have F U N in life after work that day, you have to take it with a grain of salt!!
This hike I did with my family over the summer gave me a lot of clarity on current events in my life. As it does! Every single year of my life I’ve been camping with my family, now as an adult the 10 day camping trip we do to north Conway is the only trip I can make sure I go on!

All of these things are what I was thinking about at the top of Middle Moat Mountain in July, and how can I get more of this?!  I thought of putting together my design skills with what I want to be able to do most during the spring-fall months.  And that’s Camping with my family.  So Woodsy was born, and I’ve been so excited about it.  It’s not about “quitting my 9-5 so I can travel all over the world” cause I actually love my job in the fashion industry, and I actually love my 2nd job at the restaurant too (shout out to @harrysbarlincoln.  I really just want to be able to take a break from time to time to get woodsy with my family.  My student loans have trapped me on that 7 day grind as it has to so many people my age!! I don’t regret my choice in school, or career, I just want to get a normal life back, so I started Woodsy NE.

23915743_382519265512811_3393055176527042467_n (2)

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

The idea to create a camping t-shirt business came to me out of the blue, or really it fell out of the sky after a hike to the top of Moat Mountain, New Hampshire summer of 2017.  I’ve been camping with my family my whole life, and it is something I hold dear to my heart.  My favorite memories come from our camping trips, which make spring through fall my favorite time of year.  I studied fashion design in college, though I was never artsy beforehand in school I knew I wanted to create something.  If I have the ability, why wouldn’t I bring together my two favorite things?  So Woodsy NE was born.  Woodsy NE is the combination of inspiration from my great memories camping in New England and my love of designing Fashion.